Box of gaps

“Box of gaps” is the name of a workshop offered to the public during the presentation of “window on the other” at the festival 3 days 2 nights to 26 colors to  Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry, on december 28, 29, 2013.

This workshop echoed to the “Box of fragments“, one of the segments of the documentary “Window on the other”.

The tools used were a photograph of each participant, a cardboard box, scissors, and a mirror. Each participant was led to place his or her photo inside the box, place two holes on different sides in it and then seal it. 

Using a mirror to direct artificial light into the box throughout one hole, each participant was able to experiment with the game by obliteration, overexposure and deformation, to ensure that the most striking image was visible through the second hole on the other side of the box.

Photo Credit : Hervé Herrero

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