« Painting enters forcibly, like a ram.

A banal ram, a tree trunk.

A tree trunk that functions as to distance itself from the human and at the same time that it crosses him it takes a little bit of flesh.

It is the non-subject, hybrid, confused, uncertain.

We do not know what it is, but that causes clarity.

This striking ambivalence represents the starting point.

How to bring painting closer to this point ?

During a trip to Puglia in 2012, Florent’s inspiration was triggered after encountering ancient olive trees.  

The trunks of these 100 year old trees appear to be such an unlikely material, presenting properties of malleable clay while at the same acting as a recording or a film capable of giving back in one single gesture an emission capturing centuries of slow growth.

After this experience, Florent decided to use tree trunks as the medium by which to create a pictorial on universal shapes in order to develop new avenues of sensation.

The sizes (195X145cm.) and (195X135 cm.) were chosen in order to establish, as much for the viewer as the painter, a relationship with the painting on the human scale.

The realization of theses canvases in series of 3s permits one to ponder the concept of vantage point and to explore this dynamic of games, echoes and tension. 


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