“Box of fragments” is one of the segments of the “window on the other ” documentary, written and directed by Emmanuelle Bidou and Catherine Pamart and produced by the caravanserail.

Throughout the documentary, the directors touch on the delicate question of our precarious habitat.

Samuel Berthet is the photogographer.

The “Box of fragments” is constructed from wooden pallets, 3 to 4 copies of each of Samul Berthet’s photographs, pins, needles and shards of mirrors. 

The box is closed and almost totally partitioned, with white holes on the exterior, so that the spectators, by moving around the box, is led to view through each hole, a different vantage point on the same images.

Working sessionsPublic Presentations
  • July 2014, to the train station, home Boris Gibe [Link ]
  • Of the 15 in the October 23, 2013, at Polau” Pole of the urban arts, to Tower [Link]
  • From 1 to November 13, 2013, at the Villa But from here, in Aubervilliers[Link]
  • Of the 10 in the December 22, 2013, to the Cartoucherie de Vincennes, greeted by the Theater of the sun, the Theater of the Aquarium and the Paris Workshop Carolyn Carlson [Link]
  • On May 13th and 14th, 2016, Caravensérail presented Window on the other to the Theatre To the current, at the time of the festival the Bus of Pantin.

Link: http://www.ville-pantin.fr/la_bus_biennale_urbaine_de_spectacle_3e_edition.html

  • On March 29th and 30th, place Félix Poulat at Grenoble and, April 1st and 2nd, 2016, place Russetred Cross at Lyon.

For the end of the winter truce, the collective WILL HAVE, Plain Associations of RhôneAlpes for a new public policy of housing and accommodation, invited the collective of Caravensérail and its Bus to present Window on the other
The collective WILL HAVE gathers associations:
URHAJ Rhône Alpes, Regional union of the CLLAJ Rhône Alpes, FNARS Rhône Alpes, the French League of the Human rights and the citizen/Rhône Alpes Section, Cimade, Little brothers of the Poor Rhône Alpes Auvergne, the Delegation Doctors of the World Rhône Alpes Burgundy Auvergne, Catholic aid Caritas France, the Foundation Abbé Pierre, Network Nobody outside, a roof for all, Emmaus, the FAPIL, SOLIHA, UNAFO, the Army of Saluauir.

Link : https://www.facebook.com/Collectif-des-Associations-Unies-117833988284613/

  • From 4 to September 6, 2014, festival FAR, the Manufactured to dream, to the 6b, place of creation and dissemination in Saint Denis[Link]
  • 25 To July 26, 2014, Festival In Chalon in the street [Link]


  • Of the 16 to July 19, 2014, in the chamber of the Cartoucherie de Vincennes[Link]


  • 27.28 & December 29, 2013: Festival 3 days & 2 nights [Link]

During the public presentation of “window on the other” at the Festival 3 days 2 nights to 26 colors to de Saint-Fargeau Ponthierry , a workshop on resonance with the box to fragmentation was presented to the public. The tools used were a photo of each participant, a cardboard box, scissors, and a mirror. Each participant was led to have his photo to the inside of the box selected, and then to close the box after having done two holes on different sides. Using the mirror serving the artificial light and headed to the interior of one of the holes, each participant has been able to try out the game, particularly by the postmark , overexposure, the deformation, so that ensure the image the most striking visible through the other hole

 photo credit : Hervé Herrero

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