Florent Mabilat studied law in Nice and then in New York City before practicing law in the audio visual sector for 12 years. At the same time, he was creating music, acting in theatre and continually working with colors and art. Illustrating comic books eventually led Florent in 2009 to solely devote himself to creating images.

In 2012 during a voyage in Puglia, Florent came across the trunk of very old olive tree and he immediately found himself to be profoundly touched by not only its striking shape and troubling presence, but also by its manifestation of life expressed over centuries of slow growth. After this profound experience, he decided to use tree trunks as the medium by which to create a pictorial on the commonality shared amongst all shapes and forms existing in nature in order to create new avenues of sensation.

In 2013, Florent joined the Caravanserail collective and created a segment for the video documentary Window on the Other broadcast in 2014 at “Chalon dans la Rue” (an annual multinational art festival ) entitled “Box of Fragments“, a life size exhibition offering the public visual games on the question of individual perspective.

Eventually, the necessity to experience the relationship among music, theatre and painting manifested. In 2014, he created the Zef collective, composed of a choreographer, 3 actors and dancers and 2 musicians who confront his first canvases in order to propel, through games and tension, the perception of his paintings beyond the canvas.


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